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While sport is about fun and enjoyment, many people have a desire to improve their sporting performance, maximize their potential and possibly achieve publicly recognized success. Realizing these aspirations involves a combination of many factors such as ability, determination, opportunity and appropriate support.

For some this will stretch from the playground to the podium of sporting success. Sports performers testify that their success has not just been due to their own ability, but in order to reach their optimum performance they have relied upon the right mixture of a number of factors. Some of the most important factors, aside from personal ability, are coaching, competitions, facilities and effective sport structures.

To complement these factors the Free State Department for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, has established the Free State Sport Science Institute (FSSSI) to assist athletes and coaches with a wide range of High Performances services and programmes, such as:

  • Sport Testing, Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Sport Conditions
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Medical Support
  • Sport Psychology
  • Elite Athlete & Coaching Training Programme

These services and programmes are extremely dynamic and the FSSSI has highly trained staff and sophisticated equipment that plays a vital role in assisting athletes and coached preparing them effectively for competition.

These services, programs and facilities of the FSSSI are specifically developed towards helping athletes and coaches to realize their true potential through an affordable and accessible high performance service delivery system.

The staff at FSSSI uses an integrated approach that allows a comprehensive support service that is tailored to suit the individual performance goals and specific needs of each athlete.

This is best summarized by the words of Forbes Carlisie, a Australian Swimming Coach:  “aim not to create a champion but create a situation in which champions become inevitable”

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