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‘Taking Sport Science to the Community’


The Free State Sport Science Institute (FSSSI) was officially launched on the 5th  November 2004 by the National Minister for Sport and Recreation, Mr Stofile, as the first Government funded High Performance, Talent Development and Coaching Training facility in the country. 
The focus of the FSSSI is to:

  • Enhance athletes’ performance, and
  • Empower coaches with sport-specific skills, technical, as well as administrative knowledge

Our sport scientists work daily with athletes and coaches on different levels with the specific aim of achieving sporting excellence in the Free State.  We work as a multi-disciplinary team to provide a holistic service that supports athletes and coaches in helping to improve the training, preparation and performance of our athletes.

This is best summarized by the words of Forbes Carlile, an Australian Swimming Coach: ‘aim not to create a champion but create a situation in which champions become inevitable’

The multi-disciplinary team at the FSSSI enables athletes to optimize their training; assists athletes to achieve peak performance at major competitions; enables athletes and coaches to prevent, reduce and manage sport injuries; helps athletes and coaches to manage pressure and stress and deploy performance enhancing technology; provides insight and analysis to enable athletes to develop strategies and tactics for competition. High Performance services and programs of the FSSSI are: