Performance Training

‘Most people never run far enough on their first wind, to find out they’ve got a second’

Performance Training


One of the misconceptions in the sport world is that an athlete gets in shape by just playing or taking part in his/her chosen sport. If a stationary level of performance and a consistent ability in executing a few limited skills is your goal, then engaging only in your sport will keep you there. However, if athletes strive for utmost efficiency, constant improvement and balanced abilities, they must participate in all-year-round conditioning programmes.The bottom line in sport conditioning and fitness training is stress – not mental stress – but adaptive body stress. Athletes must subject their bodies to a certain amount of stress (overload) to increase their physical capabilities.

The main focus of the strength and conditioning services at the FSSSI is the physiological conditioning of the athletes to optimize the performance.  Strength and conditioning are recognized as essential elements of sporting success, across all sports.  It refers to the all-round physical preparation of an athlete that complements the sport-specific skills and development of the athlete. Strength and conditioning form an integral part of the development of elite athletes.  The FSSSI assists to:

  • Develop the correct exercise programmes to minimize / prevent injuries
  • Train the athletes to execute the correct exercise technique
  • Improve the strength of athletes
  • Individualize exercise programmes to address the athlete’s specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve an athlete’s physical conditioning through sport-specific conditioning sessions
  • Improve an athlete’s multi-dimensional movement skills through agility and speed sessions
  • Measure and monitor an athlete’s physical status (Athlete Management)
  • Render advice on strength training and other physical training methodologies