Physical Testing & Evaluation

‘Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.’


The need often arises for a coach to assess a specific aspect of an athlete’s performance, i.e. fitness zones, motion analysis of the foot, isokinetic muscle ratios or biomechanical video analysis.  There are several reasons why sport testing should form an integral part of the overall sport strength and conditioning plan, i.e.

  • For an athlete to be able to benchmark by comparing his or her results against available norms and standards so as to address areas of weakness that must be included in exercise prescriptions.
  • To set specific and measurable training goals is a fundamental part of the modern-day athlete’s approach to sport preparation. Of course you can only set realistic and attainable training goals if you know where you are starting from.
  • Athletes at any level, who are serious enough to spend time training, must spend that time as efficiently as possible. The only way to determine whether a training technique or program is achieving the desired results is to test the athlete regularly.
  • Taking objective measurements before and after a period of training can illustrate to athletes how far they have progressed. It’s one thing to feel fitter or faster or stronger, but seeing definite results in black and white is usually more inspiring.

The FSSSI offers a wide range of basic and specialized sport science services.  These services vary greatly from normal physiological testing to highly sophisticated testing. Physiological testing focuses on testing the athlete’s basic abilities with regard to aspects that are regarded as essential for a particular sport, like the 40m speed test for a rugby player. Specialized sport science services focus on tweaking certain elements of an athlete’s performance, i.e. muscle balance ratios, assessing the real reasons behind an athlete’s drop in performance etc.


Basic Sport Services: Specialized Sport Science Services:
  • Anthropometry tests
  • Flexibility tests
  • Balance tests
  • Explosive tests
  • Speed and agility tests
  • Strength tests
  • Muscle endurance tests
  • Aerobic fitness tests
  • Anaerobic fitness tests
  • Dartfish video analysis
  • V’02max testing
  • Smartspeed analysis
  • Footscan analysis
  • Biodex isokinetic analysis
  • Tendo power & strength analysis
  • Zephyr heart rate monitoring of athlete during competitions and training sessions
  • Performance Testing