‘Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser’


It is almost a given that a high

performance athlete will have some sort of sport injury in his/her career.  Sport has progressed in competitiveness and physical intensity which created a need for effective and progressive sports injury management.As part of our Performance Training, the FSSSI has incorporated a reconditioning programme.

We begin with evaluating every athlete thoroughly, defining potential systemic dysfunction, imbalance and limitation. We look for the ‘why’ of injury and performance limitation; and by identifying causative factors we can then focus our programs on re-establishing a fundamental foundation of movement using purposeful manual therapy and exercise techniques.

Once the foundation has been re-established, we use progressive methods to build our athletes so they are ready for re-integration into normal activity, training and competition. Because every member of our staff is both certified biokineticist and certified strength and conditioning specialist, we are completely capable of assisting injured athletes or those limited in performance until they are fully recovered and able to return to their field of play or activity.

Reconditioning functions includes:

  • Provide correct and immediate first aid and injury management
  • Reduce or minimize pain a.s.a.p.
  • Restore full range of motion
  • Re-establish neuro-muscular control
  • Regain and improve balance & core stability
  • Restore or increase muscular strength, endurance and power
  • Maintain cardio respiratory fitness
  • Incorporate appropriate functional progression